Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Believe In Something...

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"When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it." ~ Steve McQueen

Every second of every day, your life should all correlate back to one thing, "What you believe in." Now it doesn't have to be just one thing, and everyone is allowed to have different beliefs & opinions. That's what makes us all unique in our own way.

Life cannot be truly lived to the fullest if you do not pursue and stand up for what you believe in. You always need to believe in something and use it to help you seek your true heartfelt purpose in life to really feel "alive". Always know there is something bigger than ourselves that we should strive for.  It's that human trait that we require the "drive/desire" to; seek greater & bolder things, accomplish tasks, fulfill dreams, overcome new obstacles. But it all stems back to the two important things that you should always remember:

1. Believe in something
2. Stand up & Live for what you believe in.

So base your decisions, thoughts, actions on what you believe and drives you. How you go about your daily activities should reflect back on your beliefs. Live your life based on your beliefs, practice those beliefs, stand up for what you believe in & let others know what you "stand for".

Now the door is wide open for you. I'm not going to lecture you into what to believe in. That part of your own journey. But I 'm am going to say; find something(s) to believe in and never let it go. Truly believe with all your heart and stand up to show you believe in it!

I, myself believe in Jesus Christ and the power of spreading Love & Hope. 
And that's what I stand up for.

I’d like to hope our history is worth remembering
An imprint of careful design, a feeling of heartfelt purpose,
and a sense of hope….. for something bigger than ourselves.

- Ross


  1. love reading your posts everyday....believing in something is so important, it's even more important to remember everyday what it is that you believe in..when life gets busy this is when I really need to remember this

    1. Thanks so much for the encouranging words, good to know people are not only reading but possibly trying some of the ideas out and making a positive impact on others. :)

      - Ross

  2. Lots of people believe in things but when push comes to shove they don't stand behind their beliefs... say for example if they know something is wrong or hear something wrong they don't step up and speak out and correct what was being said... this I think takes a strong person. Some times following the most popular idea and not speaking out is what most people do because it is easier.

    1. Very true, I think when someone can truely stand up and speak out for what they "beleive in" during those situations shows if you truely are a believer or not.

      Example: Why not break away from what's considered "normal" in society and be "original" in your own way and show your beleifs and stand up for whats right!

      I wish more people would start living like this.