Monday, March 5, 2012

The Simple Things..

“The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity. (One is unable to notice something - because it is always before one's eyes.)” - Ludwig Wittgenstein 

I have been in the process slowly but surely converting my grandpa’s WW2 journal into electronic form. My past grandparents have had such an influential impact on my life and my grandma still does. There is so much we can learn from their past experiences and the love they have for us. In future posts, I will likely relate back to his journal, as it inspires me every time I work on it. 

We sometimes forget with our now busy, electronic, always “digitally connected” daily life, of how simpler times in the past were once enjoyed!! Simple, sometimes when relating to people or things, can mean that "they have all the basic or necessary things they require, but nothing extra." In today’s world of abundant conveniences at our fingertips, we must not lose the simple way of life, which can have such an influential part in our lives.

I love to just sit back and read books, (and yes it’s on a kindle) BUT, that simple act of reading and slowing things down is very enjoyable to me. I believe when you get lost in a story using your own imagination in your mind as you read is such an important quality to use (unlike watching tv), plus I always feel that it's a great way to keep your brain active.  

Simpler times of the past can still be obtainable today, the opportunities are all around us.  Such as to just sit down with friends or family and enjoy each other’s company with face to face conversations, take time of each day for some self-meditation to just reflect on things to be thankful for or talk to God. Why is it that everyone loves campfires? I can tell you! The simple act of sitting around a fire can alleviate stress and slow things down to enjoy the "moment".  

One thing I constantly doing when I am outside or any situation, is to just take in the “moment” & capture it! I’ll look around and take it all in, pick out little details, notice the little things, deep breath, now I’m living in it!  Your mind can achieve a whole new level of “peace at mind” Go out in the sun or your favorite spot and try it tomorrow!

Try to have more of these “simple times” in your life and you are guaranteed to live a less stressful life, slow down and enjoy the ride! Go out and find things that you can enjoy without it being completely technology based, enjoy nature, take pictures, paint, draw, build something, read a book, etc, the possibilities are endless!  Whatever you do, always take it all in and enjoy it!  

Such an easy one to forget...  
 "Enjoy the simple things."

- Ross

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