Monday, March 26, 2012

Time To Fly...

"You'll never know, unless you TRY."  

Today isn't like yesterday or the days before, and it will surely not be like tomorrow. Because tomorrow can be something entirely different and unique in it's own way. Why make each day the same, "Yes, today will be different". Today you should take a risk, but not just one, as many as possible. 

This approach above shouldn't be just limited to today. It should be practiced your whole life.

"Take Risks, Make Mistakes, Grow in Life." 

Now I'm not saying that everyone should go skydiving, bungee jumping, or confront a lion. The risks and chances I am talking about can be any size or type of challenge/problem/opportunity in your daily life.  If it's something is always on your mind, take control, and try to overcome it. From now on, when opportunities, challenges, obstacles, chances for new friends or encounters, or to finally talk to that person who is catching your eye, etc.. are present before you.. TAKE THE ON RISK and don't worry anymore. Because the reward will be great no matter what the outcome is.

"Don't be afraid of mistakes, it's the only way you know when something is "right" in your life" 

Sometimes it's hard to take the chance (risk)  because you don't know how it will turn out. But then again, it will never turn out (reward you) if you don't take the chance (risk). 

Don't be afraid to dream too big, set bigger goals, reach out to someone, say "hi" to a stranger, make a new friend, overcome a new obstacle. 

Take on the Risk, nothing is out of reach, you can achieve and become what others may think is impossible. When you face a challenge or opportunity, only listen to two people. Yourself & God and you can challenge the world in your own way.  You will become and achieve everything you want in life. Don't let others throw you off, YOU make your own decisions, make your own choices, you control your actions, so achieve and become what you want in life.

Take on the Risk, for it is the only chance you'll get the reward. But know this! -- Some risks won't work out and you are guaranteed to make mistakes, it happens, be glad of the growth and experience you now have achieved from the risk, THAT is the Real Reward... 

"Trying & Taking Risks is the only way you "grow" in life."  

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go."
— T.S. Eliot

- Ross


  1. Hi Ross, while blog walking , i found your blog and wow. I'm impressed, amazed and you wrote brilliantly. its really inspiring indeed. love it! your words inspires me as you makes me realized this is what we call life. whatever obstacle coming we have to face it, like it or not. its depends on ourself how we choose to deal with it.

    Im having my hard times now, but thanks to you, i am fully motivated to move on

    Najwa, from Malaysia

    1. Thanks for the comment and encouraging words, it's always nice to get feedback on my posts, (although I haven't received a lot yet) It's reassuring that to know at least someone is reading and has been impacted in a postive way.

      If I can make a positive impact on at least one person with each post, well that is one more person living for a better and brighter tomorrow! :)

      I hope you continue to find the motivation and inspiration to overcome your current hard time, remember "You can make your life be everything you want it to be. No one can do that except you."

      Thanks again for the comment, truely appreciate the feedback, be sure to stop back in the future!

      - Ross