Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Inspires You?

I think a person’s heart has a way of turning off, when he can’t find a reason
I guess that’s why nature has always had an inspiring presence
Everything follows a purpose….
But I guess we’re missing something.

Why do we struggle to breathe a more righteous breath?

I’d like to hope our history is worth remembering
An imprint of careful design, a feeling of heartfelt purpose,
and a sense of hope….. for something bigger than ourselves.....
Over the last couple years, I've found more and more inspirations in many different things besides seeing works of God everyday. Some of these inspirations include, music, books, movies, friends, family, and many little things that many people occasionally overlook or just don’t take the time to slow down and dig deeper into things.

Music can have such an impact on one’s mood, why not listen to something that is positive and has an inspiring message! I have found it turns any situation or mood around to the better.  
I listen to many inspiring artists/musicians, which makes the day that much more enjoyable. None impact my daily outlook and personality more than Angels & Airwaves. This band is unlike many mainstream musicians of today, because they spread the message to be optimistic and spread Love and Hope with their music and films.  A day rarely goes by when I’m not listening to AvA and become overwhelmed with inspirational thoughts while listening to them. 

Besides music, I have many other inspirations, check out my inspirations page to see some of the things that inspire me.

 I have found that if you keep your mind open to become inspired, it’s that much easy to get the fire burning inside you! Find your passion and find things that fuel the fire. Find something that overwhelms you with a desire/purpose! Find something that gives you hope, that you can’t help to smile or just want to laugh for no apparent reason when you think of it. Everyone, everyday should wake up with a goal for the future, whether it be job related, hobby, enjoying life,  etc.. anything!  Everyone was created for a purpose, to make  his or her "impact" on somebody or something in their life no matter how big or small! Find your passion and surround yourself with your inspirations and you will be able to achieve anything!

See the thing is, INSPIRATIONS can be found all around us. Trust me it’s there, no matter how big or small, let it inspire you! Open your heart and mind, let it all in, be inspired easily and live for the light!

What inspires you?? I would love to hear some of your inspirations! You can leave a comment anonymously or with your name, you don't need to be a member either! 

- Ross 

"Be Inspired, but also Live to Inspire!"

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  1. Art inspires me, opening my mind to my own creativity , music, my grandaughter laughing, looking at the moon at certain times,are other things that inpire me... my family always inspires me.. love your blog ,Ross-you inspire me! Keep up your blog we all need to take a AT LEAST a few minutes and think about why we are here and what our purpose is..