Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Gatsby Life Redux

      "Heaven must look just like this..." 

Ready to recharge, re-inspire and look at things in a new light? 
The Gatsby Life blog has a big summer planned! I'm currently writing my Master's thesis and already started my PhD research, along with many many other exciting things happening in my life, but hey! that's not slowing The Gatsby Life down!   

These future posts are headed your way! 
- "(A)Wake For Young Souls"
- "The Peaks & Valleys"
- "The Passing of Time"
- "Heaven on Earth"
- "Atonement"
- "Pacifism Today, Peace Tomorrow"
- "The God of Green" 

Please stayed tuned! 

- Ross 
"We all carry within us, the wonders we seek without us." 

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