Inspire to Be Inspired!

Inspiration can be found everywhere you look or listen, as long as you are open to the possibility! 

Here are just some of the many things that continue to inspire me everyday!

My Faith in Jesus

My Family 

My Grandparents

Music truely fuels my soul..

In Books, The world is at our fingertips

- Jesus 
- C.S. Lewis
- Salvador Dali
Ralph Waldo Emerson
- Henry David Thoreau
- Andy Warhol
- Dale Carnegie
- Picasso
- Jerry Seinfeld
- Clint Eastwood
- Ray Bradbury
- Dr. Theodor Seuss

- Every little part of nature can be an inspiration in it's own way! 

My grandpa's journal

My field of study (Turfgrass/Horticulture) is a continuous inspiration for me to learn more and hopefully one day make a significant impact in "Green" industry.

The possibilities each day can bring! 

What are some of your biggest inspirations? 

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