My Journey

I am graduate school scientist, a christian, a musician, an optimist, and a active supporter trying to challenge the world to become a better place. I am a strong believer in reconnecting with nature and the simplicity of it, and also strengthening my faith in God everyday. I will be sharing my views and insights to situations or thoughts that approach me as I am always striving to live a more "christian" life and connect with nature and make an impact no matter how big or small.  

I have my Bachelor's degree in Turfgrass/Horticulture Science. I am on my journey to obtain my Ph.D in Horticulture, I hope to help make the society and the turf industry more efficiently "green" in the future. I have been a christian my whole life, but recently in the last couple years I have really started to reach out and live a more "christian" life.

Please feel free to leave any comments or contact me.

"You can make each day special in it's own way, only YOU have the power to do that!"

"Challenge yourself to change the world, for better in your way"

I hope you enjoy my blog, I greatly appreciate any comments/feedback or sharing the posts via social networks! 

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